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Michelle Scrogham

Mayor of Ulverston

Elected Mayor of Ulverston in May 2022. I see community as being at the heart of everything good in our towns.

I've chosen Mind in Furness and Community Matters as the main charities for my term and will, as always, be working with many groups and individuals to enhance lives, including working to address the state of our pavements and the accessibility problems faced by so many.

Chair of Ulverston Business Improvement District

I've been a volunteer director on the board for 7 years and the current Chair. I work to improve the local economy for businesses, attract well paid employment and enhance the town for those who live, work or visit.

Fighting for Investment

Representing businesses, shaping plans to ensure we are in prime position to receive funding for major projects including the Borderlands Deal and future developments to attract well paid employment opportunities in Furness. Campaigner for better transport links and disabled access to public transport and services. 

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Green Campaigning

I want to see our potential for Green Energy in Furness unlocked with thousands of well paid jobs created. 
I support creating and protecting green spaces, safe cycleways and campaign for carbon reduction with tree planting and carbon capture projects. Our shop local campaign not only supports the local economy, jobs and High Streets but also reduces our carbon footprint dramatically.  

Labour Party

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I'm currently Vice Chair membership for Barrow and Furness CLP and secretary of Ulverston & Rural Furness Branch for several years. During this time I've organised the distribution of more than 50000 leaflets, coordinated volunteers during elections using my business as a base. Organised canvassing, fundraising events and GOTV campaigns locally and joined other areas to campaign including the 2022 Wakefield and Chester by elections. I've been part of the campaign committee for 2019 General Election, 2021 local elections and 2022 Unitary elections. I'm committed to returning Labour candidates at all levels, putting this as my top priority. I have worked to raise the profile of Labour by recruiting members, successfully standing for local government and more recently becoming Mayor. I'm a recognisable voice within all levels of the community, known as a problem solver and the go to person for getting things done.

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  • Campaigning to have A590 given the same protections as other major roads and prevent the damaging traffic chaos caused during poorly planned roadworks.

  • Working with locals and local government officers to improve the appearance of the town and accessibility for all.

  • Campaigned and supported the Roxy Collective in their bid to purchase and protect a much loved building that houses an independent cinema and museum.

  • Campaign for Green issues and policy and work to promote climate friendly solutions

  • Working with local government to improve our pavements and roads, ensuring our voice is heard at County and National levels.

  • Campaigning for better accessibility in our towns and on public transport

  • Backing plans to encourage new businesses to locate in Furness and provide well paid jobs

Festival Organiser


I've been a volunteer for the past 20 years, helping ensure the success of many local festivals including Ulverstons Dickensian Festival.

Dickensian attracts around 25,000 people and £3 million to the local economy each year, along with being a much loved event. 

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Local Entrepreneur

I've successfully run a business for 20 years, through several recessions, rapidly shifting shopping habits and a pandemic. I work hard to support other businesses through volunteer work with traders, Festivals, BID (business improvement district), Borderlands Town Team and Town Council to avoid the fate of so many other High Streets. Working on Dalton road in Barrow when it was thriving, to see what it looks like today is devastating. It needs more than chunks of money throwing at small areas, it needs serious government changes to business rates and a levelling of the playing field with out of town retail parks on car parking charges. Planning and funds that allow complete redevelopment with the right mix of retail, hospitality and green spaces that can build community engagement and the footfall needed to support the growth of a High Street which is sustainable and enjoyable to visit.

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