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Born and raised in Ulverston, I’ve an in-depth understanding of the challenges and possibilities for our unique peninsula. I’ve experienced the same hardships that local people are still facing; growing up on a council estate and understanding what it feels like to face financial worries.

Community Work

My drive in life is Community. I believe it's the bedrock of a lot of the best things in life and when we work together we can achieve incredible things. I like to be busy and the many different roles I take on, ensure that I am. I've found that the links between so many jobs, businesses, levels of government and groups is the key to producing results. 

I'm passionate about our High Streets, I see them as the heart of the Community along with being the largest employer in the UK. This, and my love of working with the public was behind starting my business in 2005.

I'm dedicated to making a difference in the battle against climate change. I support greening our towns and reducing our carbon footprints, most recently by going plastic free for the hugely popular Dickensian Festival, planting trees and working towards more green spaces, working with suppliers who understand the need for more climate friendly and organic products and researching and advising businesses on energy reduction.

I campaign heavily on accessibility, both on transport and around our towns for a more inclusive society and would like to see more town centres not only benefit from the £249 billion in purple pound they're currently missing out on, but allow those with disabilities, access to what many of us take for granted.

Working Life

I’m owner of the business I set up in 2005 – Pure, a high street retail and online business. I’m deeply involved in the community, volunteering with many of the local festivals and organising the largest, Ulverston Dickensian Festival, for the past 8 years. I’m proud to be part of this volunteer committee which brings approx. £3 million to Furness each year.

My early career was in banking, working locally in Barrow, Dalton, Millom and Ulverston and ensured I was well known to the community. 

During my years at the bank I was shocked at the levels of discrimination and never one to back down in the face of injustice, I became a union rep and eventually the Jointly Accredited Rep for the North West Region, and Chair of the Banking Insurance & Finance Union North West. I spent many years representing members facing redundancy, bullying, harassment and disciplinary issues, and regularly spoke on their behalf at BIFU's National Annual Conference. My skills and experience in this area are a valuable tool for representing constituents, negotiating and fighting for Furness.

I've worked hard over the years to deliver benefits to the wider community wherever possible, enriching lives and improving services in whatever role or job I've held, be that in business, as a school Governor, banking, union rep, festival organiser or local government. I'd continue to do that and much more as your Parliamentary Candidate.

Colin Pickthall MP for West Lancashire 1992-2005, Leader of Ulverston Town Council 2014-2019

Judith Pickthall Ulverston Town Councillor 2005-2019, Mayor of Ulverston 2013-2014

We endorse and wish strongly to support Michelle Scrogham in her campaign to become PPC for the Barrow and Furness Parliamentary Constituency.


Michelle lives and works in the centre of Ulverston's Market Street and in doing so meets residents everyday, listening to problems, ideas and complaints and dealing with them-the more so since she became a Town Councillor in 2019. In her role as Mayor of the Town Council she has been keen to support the many voluntary community groups which exist in the town. She also has a deep personal experience of retail and the difficulties of SME's. During this past 2 years she has also taken on the role of Chair of the Business Improvement District. This has ensured that both the Council and the BID have been able to work together for the good of town.

But it is as a Party worker that she has impressed us most. Michelle has the courage to turn her shop into an undisguised centre of Labour activities and she has become the key organiser of all Labour activities in the town. She has made herself expert in the most modern ways of campaigning. She has been the secretary of the local branch for the last four years and played an important role in fundraising for the Branch. The Ulverston Branch which she serves has the largest membership in the constituency and covers two thirds of its area. She has also represented our interests at Constituency where she is a Vice-Chair in charge of membership and very active in the Womens' Section.


In all these roles she has shown all of the attributes of a true leader. In these roles she has displayed two qualities- a great ability for effective and timely communication, and a firm, clear approach in meetings.


Michelle benefits from a strong socialist background and a very supportive family. She has a cheerful, approachable personality but most importantly she also has the steely determination to ensure that Labour wins back Barrow and Furness Constituency.

Caroline Vernon - Northstar Education Consultancy

"She has the confidence not to wade in but to weigh things up and make wise decisions. Whilst she appears calm and collected, she is often hiding the depth of thinking and tremendous hard work that she is putting in behind the scenes"

"Her capacity to make vision a reality is impressive and yet she never says, ‘look what I have achieved!’ She rarely takes credit…she needs to work on that! Someone described her as Superwoman, and they weren’t wrong!"

Cllr Sharon Webster

"I have known Michelle Scrogham for many years and worked on the Town Council with her. Michelle is very passionate about Ulverston, the Furness area and the people. Michelle has worked very hard over the years, always working for a better Ulverston."

Cllr Shirley-Anne Wilson

"I’ve known Michelle as a councillor, a local businesswoman, a friend and as someone who has Ulverston and Furness at the heart of all she does. She’s honest, straight talking and would represent all constituents with their issues and listen to their worries and concerns. She is a fantastic ambassador as our mayor and is the best person I can think of to represent us all and return a Labour MP for Barrow and Furness and do us proud."

Denis Horan Jnr

Supported Living Local Services Manager

I'm not very political and have no ties to any party but what excites me about this is Michelle's passion for this area, the fact she is a local, grew up here, went to school here and gets what this area is about and what is important to LOCAL people. Keep her in mind when votes are cast. 

The Furness area seems to have been forgotten about on a national level these past few years. Let's get that voice back.

Jan Heffernan

"I worked closely with Michelle on the board of the Ulverston BID for a number of years.  We were both on the board at its inception and Michelle worked tirelessly to use the opportunities offered by BID to bring about positive change for the town.  Michelle is both a good team player and inspiring leader - we worked together under different chairs, and more recently Michelle herself has taken over as chair of the board, an appointment which I was very keen to support.  She is personable and approachable, listens to different points of view and then works to find and implement the best solution.  Michelle brings an energy and momentum with her to any project she is involved in."

Grant Huck - Community Solutions

"She is one of the most altruistic stakeholders in this town....

She is tenacious and has the 'can do' attitude.

She is also a true ambassador for change and progress, and as we all know, change is sometimes seen as a dirty word, but change is an essential part of any local development plan. In the years I have known her, I have seen her reacting positively to the threats and challenges we have faced as a town."

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